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SexyFit® License Terms Of Service

It’s imperative that you have carefully read through your Licensee Agreement. In fact, you should have read through that and clicked the “agree” box before you were allowed to purchase. So, we’re moving forward assuming you’ve done your part.

We want the SexyFit® Licenses, websites and program to continue to be a viable, successful, and professional model for all entrepreneurs.   We ask that you always treat your fellow SexyFit Licensees with respect and integrity.  We also ask that you take it upon yourself to make sure that Carmen’s intellectual property (ie your SexyFit® License, Website + Program) is always protected – so if you notice any one in breach of conduct as specified in the Licensee Agreement and notes below, please let us know as soon as possible.  This protects you, your investment of time and money and the program for everyone.

For future ease of remembering, we’ve pulled some of the most important rules to remember from your Licensee Agreement below. This document in no way replaces your Licensee Agreement – it is solely meant to serve as a convenience when reviewing your do’s and don’ts as a SexyFit® Licensee in terms that may be more easily understood.



  1. Payments are up to date. If your billing information expires or changes, our system will send you TWO notifications within 30 days. After 30 days delinquent, your website and all access will be forfeited and cancelled. When a website is cancelled, all customizations and information is deleted, lost, and unrecoverable.
  2. $2499 paid in full or 4 automatic quarterly payments of $725. Yearly automatic renewal of $799. Pricing is subject to change.
  3. No refunds.



You may request to cancel your SexyFit® License by filling out this form here. NOTE: We require at least 30 days notice to cancel your SexyFit® License. Here are a few things to remember should you choose to cancel your license:

  1. When you cancel, we have to delete your site entirely, so you will lose all customizations and your chosen URL (subdomain).
  2. If you ever want to run a SexyFit® Challenge or have a SexyFit® Participant, you will need to re-purchase your site and complete your customizations again.
  3. Past participants who have done the challenge via your site will lose access to the program content.
  4. After you cancel, you will lose access to the training portal and all marketing + training resources we provide (SF Newsletter, Marketing Images, Graphics, Email Copy, Trainings + Photo Shoots, etc.)
  5. No Access to the SexyFit® Facebook Forums
  6. You may no longer use any SexyFit® content, videos, pdf’s marketing materials, copy, images or training in any way as this is all Carmen Marshall’s trademarked Intellectual Property and is only licensed for use to SexyFit Licensees®



 One SexyFit® License per Distributorship. Example: If you and your partner are listed on the same distributorship, you may purchase 1 SexyFit® License and both of you can use it in full. If your child (or another team member) also has his/her own distributorship separate from yours, he/she needs to purchase their own License. Under no circumstances may your child (or another team member) enroll his/her prospects/clients to participate in the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge via your website. Said child (or another team member) is also prohibited from access to any and all of the content of the program itself, License training and anything else Licensee’s are given. Our system will recognize multiple logins from multiple computers and IP addresses.

  1. Never ever EVER duplicate, reproduce, or use any content or ideas from this program to create your own. This is Carmen’s Intellectual Property – and we will find out.
  2. Customizations are allowed to be made to your site. Please follow our manual instructions and videos for what you can and cannot change and customize. If you have a question about this, send us an email to
  3. When promoting or talking about SexyFit®, the trademark must be used. No defacing or changes to the logo, branding, or documents are permitted.
  4. Website is provided to you “as-is” including language and content. You are responsible for costs incurred to update or customize your website and get your program set-up properly and as instructed in the Manual. Updates we send out and instruct you to make, must be made to your website and program.


SexyFit® License and USANA Health Sciences

  1. The SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge is designed to use and only use USANA Health Sciences Products. No other products can or will be sold for use during this program. The appropriate products required for the program MUST be purchased in order for any client to participate in the program. Adherence to the SexyFit® Training is imperative to the use of this program.
  2. USANA Product Updates may occur. When this happens, you are responsible for updating any content we provide, including costs that may incur due to your own website updates.
  3. Licensee is held to the same rules and regulations as agreed upon with your USANA Distributorship and Compliance. You are now representing two brands – USANA and SexyFit® with Carmen Marshall – and are expected to be a positive influencer.
  4. You may not make non-compliant product, health or income claims at any time, for any reason.



Carmen (or her company, employees or independent contractors) are not liable for any claims, misuse, or damage in any case.

“Licensor will not be held liable by the Licensee in any way, for any loss, damage or injury suffered by the Licensee or by any other person related to any use of the Asset or any part thereof. Including the use of, but not limited to, products and/or wellness recommendations made in or through this program.”