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Answers to frequently asked questions

Wondering if the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge Licensee Program is right for you? Read on to see answers to the most common questions!

Do I Need A Network Marketing Business?

Yes. This is a must. In order to run this program you do have to work with our chosen product partner. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, click here to watch Carmen's Create A Life You Love Webinar and be sure to get back to the person who introduced you to get any and all of your questions answered.

What does the License cost?

$2499 up front or 4 payments of $725. Be sure to read our full SexyFit® License Terms Of Service here.

What is the annual fee?

$799/year automatically charged to the credit card that you originally purchased your license with. Be sure to read our full SexyFit® License Terms Of Service here.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. No exceptions as upon purchase you have immediate access to Carmen’s intellectual property that she has developed over the past 13 years that includes the program itself, training and marketing. Be sure to read our full SexyFit® License Terms Of Service here.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. 4 payments of $725 charged quarterly.

Do I need to be a health coach or have a certification?

Nope! The licensee program is open to anyone who wants to leverage the power of the internet to help more people with their health + wealth all while creating more freedom and enjoyment for themselves!

Can I be Male and run this program?

Of course! Carmen has several men in her team who have their own SexyFit® Websites and are very successful. You can customize your site to match your clients.

Do I need to be tech savvy

Yes! It’s very important that you are good with the computer and have at least a basic understanding of websites. Also, having a basic understanding (or are willing and ready to learn) of WordPress, WishList Member, MailChimp, and Facebook will be extremely helpful when you customize your website and run your challenges.

You can, of course, hire someone to help you, but it is important that you are tech savvy (or are willing and ready to learn the basics) in order to run an online nutrition program. The world IS online and it’s our belief that everyone should learn the basics that are needed for the SexyFit® License as it will help you with everything you do.

What if I need support?

We provide a full step-by-step licensee training manual as well as Carmen’s proprietary training in the SexyFit® Licensee Training and Resource Centre.

You will also get exclusive access to the Licensee Facebook Forum for the community to ask questions and help each other. We will post the same reminders that we do for Carmen’s group challenges on your Licensee Facebook Forum. (Note: This is a huge value added service that also worth thousands of dollars and will help and save you so much time – you get to mirror and duplicate exactly what Carmen and and her team are doing.)

We may also comment and post reminders every so often, but our team provides very minimal training support via Facebook as everything that you need to know is provided for you in the Licensee Handbook.

We also have a recommended virtual assistant who can help you with tech issues or customization (but you can always use your own).

Why is Carmen opening this up?

Carmen is a true master at creating systems that work.

The SexyFit Nutrition Challenge System is what catapulted Carmen’s business, allowed her to be traveling /living around the world for the past 4 years while building strong business and staying really connected to her team and clients.

From Carmen herself: It’s my favorite system that I’ve ever created (Health & Wellness Spa, Nutrition Seminar System, Weekly Action Plans) because it’s enabled me to help more people transition into a healthy lifestyle for life – using the products the products for life – than I ever could have by using traditional, non-online methods. It’s also an extension of how I eat and live – so I’ve loved teaching it in a format that can reach thousands of people on their time schedule. (hundreds can go through a SFNC at a time rather than 1×1 or small groups). It’s also helped my team so much to have an online program already done for them, it’s hugely appealing to prospects and it’s helped me “walk the talk” of health and freedom (what network marketing and residual income should bring you) by having an online program that allows me to live anywhere in the world while building my business.

I know this is a program that can help all entrepreneurs (men and women), not just my coaches. With more people using the program, we can reach even more people and change even more people’s health and freedom. The “brand” will become even more well known and mainstream – and therefore be able to help more people. And there are many more things that I want to do with the program – Apps, marketing, interactive ideas that will help more people transition and stay with their new healthy lifestyle. And with more people using the program the sky's the limit with how we can evolve the program and the expand our reach for truly helping the world become a healthier place.

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