Hire a virtual assistant

We’re very excited to offer MyOwnVA in the Philippines to help you with your SexyFit® Set Up Project, any tech troubleshooting and/or ongoing SexyFit tasks you may want to outsource — at a very affordable rate.

MyOwnVA’s have been trained by us to set up your MailChimp Email Automations (including Wishlist and Gravity + Registration Form Integration (est. 4 hrs), customize your website (est 2 hrs) and design email headers for you (est. 30-60 min).  This is everything from Step 2:  Customize your SexyFit® Licensee System.

We also suggest you keep using them for any tech troubleshooting or SexyFit help that you need — to save you time and energy for marketing, supporting your participants and working with your team.  While we train you on the LTC how to set up everything, as you can imagine, we can’t provide ongoing technical support — so a VA is a great solution.

If you’d like to hire MyOwnVA, work with them to set up all or any of the elements in Step 2 first  — 1) MailChimp Email Automations 2) Customizing Your Website and 3) Email Headers (if desired), and then later discuss other things you may like to have them do.


Your biggest priority is to get your program up and running! 


$12USD/hr – General Admin Support (including Mail Chimp Email Automations and SexyFit® Website Customization. Note that this rate does not include any additional coding/HTML — however, additional coding is not required for the basic customization of your websites)

$15/USD/hr – Web Development + Programming (above and beyond basic customization of your websites that we teach you in the Licensee Training + Resource Centre).

$18USD/hr – Graphics (including Email Headers if you decide to create your own outside of what we give you, or what you can create in Canva)


Hiring Process:

Contact MyOwnVA as early as possible, so they have time with their schedule and other SexyFit® Licensee’s requesting help.

1. Fill out the SexyFit® Set Up Project Form.  This will let MyOwnVA know exactly what you would like to have them do and important initial details.

2. Email Follow-Up with Document Proposal:    MyOwnVA will follow up with an email within 24 hrs with a recap of what you would like them to do, including confirmation of estimated cost and time, and any particulars regarding the contract and invoicing.  You will also receive a SexyFit® Info Gathering document to obtain the login details and particulars they need for your tasks.

Note:  MyOwnVA Paypal is their preferred payment via invoices sent out bi-monthly with payment due upon receipt sent to your email — super easy.  They also track and show you their work hours through Time Doctor, so you can rest assured of their work time on your projects.

3.  Work Starts!  After the signed proposal and info gathering are received, your assigned VA will start working on your SexyFit® Set Up Project.

IMPORTANT:   MyOwnVA have only been trained by us in Mailchimp. You may use any email platform that integrates with your SexyFit License*, but MyOwnVA may need extra billable time to learn how to set up and integrate your email platform.  They will of course discuss this with you.

*Email Platforms that integrate with your SexyFit License + Wishlist Member:  Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft by Keap, Mad Mimi, and MailChimp.

4. Give your MyOwnVA administrator access to your WordPress Admin Site:

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin Site — ie https://yoursubdomain.sexyfitnutritionchallenge.com/wp-admin
  2. Navigate to “Users” > “Add New”.
  3. If you are using MyOwnVA: Under “Add Existing User” paste the email that your VA instructs you to use and choose “Administrator” from the drop-down menu for the “Role”.
  4. Click “Add Existing User” to confirm.
  5. Your VA will receive the email confirmation with their login details to your unique site.


How to get the most out of your VA experience:

  1. Communicate clearly what you need.
  2. Establish due dates for everything so everyone is on the same page.  Always give a date that is a few days earlier than you need it by, to give you breathing room.
  3. Get everything needed by the VA asap so they aren’t held up by you.
  4. Pay invoices right away (of course)
  5. Any issues, communicate immediately with your VA — don’t let anything build up!

After the crucial parts for your program are done, if you would like to continue working with MyOwnVA for all things SexyFit®, simply continue with them — ongoing or project-based.

Note: MyOwnVA.com is located in the Philippines and the VA’s work M-F, 9am – 7pm Philippines time, which is Sun — Thurs, North America time.


Hiring your own VA:

If you choose to hire your own VA, here are the most important things for them to be skilled at. Rates are usually $25-40USD/hr. Please be sure that they sign the SexyFit® NDA (Non-Disclosure Document) before starting work with you. Make sure you download this document in order to edit the text highlighted in yellow so that your name, business name, VA’s name and other information relevant to you are filled in appropriately.

Personality:  A highly motivated virtual assistant that enjoys researching and solving problems, loves WordPress, and loves people even more! Excellent customer service, empathic listening skills, growth mindset part of the job.

The specific skills needed for this position are:

Customer support
WordPress multi-site
Divi Theme framework
WishList Member
Gravity Forms
MailChimp (automation, forms, etc)
Google Docs
Asana (or whatever is your preferred Team Communication Platform – Slack, Skype or even email.

4. Give your VA administrator access to your WordPress account:

  1. Log into your WordPress account.
  2. Navigate to “Users” > “Add New”.
  3. If you are hiring your own VA: Under “Add New User” type a username and the email that your VA instructs you to use.
  4. Choose “Administrator” from the drop-down menu for the “Role”.
  5. Click “Add New User” to confirm.
  6. Your VA will receive the email confirmation with their login details to your unique site.
  7. Email us your VA’s username to info@carmenmarshall.com so that we can grant them access to this Licensee Training Center.


We highly recommend using MailChimp as the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge program is designed with that in mind, and our trained and vetted Virtual Assistants that you can hire are also trained in MailChimp. However if you’re using a different email marketing/CRM platform that requires special integration tools, you can request that we install a plugin to integrate it with your licensee site. Then we can review the plugin and either approve/deny the request based on compatibility with the SexyFit® Nutrition Challenge system and/or website security best practices.

PLEASE NOTE: we can not supply support for third-party plugins. If you or your VA have any questions you will have to contact the plugin developer directly.